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First off, thanks for your interest in Good Kissers Club!!! If you are on this list, that means you expressed interest early on and we are going to treat you SOOOO good.

If you missed yesterday’s email, check out the video above for a message from me and more details on the Good Kissers Club program.

Good Kissers Club is launching in early January and we are giving you a 1-time only opportunity to try it for only $1This Cyber Monday deal is a pre-sale, meaning you pay $1 now and get access to our adult sex ed membership for all 31 days of January 2022.

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The normal price of this membership will be $50/mo, so you are saving 98%. It’s literally $1. I am pretty sure you are not finding many other Cyber Monday deals this good . . . just sayin’!

What kind of awesome sauce will happen if I take advantage of this wildly amazing deal?
Well, let’s not limit ourselves, but here are some examples:

  • Have more adventurous, connected and authentic sex
  • More pleasure & better mood!
  • Fulfill more of your sexual fantasies IRL
  • You’ll be feeling yourself–regardless of feedback from others
  • Fully accept, embrace and celebrate your sexuality

Why should you want a membership for your sex & relationship life?

  • There’s a TON of misinformation out there . . . chances are some if it got into your brain!
  • The vast majority of us didn’t have good examples of how to communicate about sex, navigate consent & keep things spicy in the bedroom.
  • High school sex ed was SORELY lacking!!! They forgot all about the clitoris and that’s just for starters!
  • Porn is entertainment and no place for a real education on sex.
  • Relationships are often the most rewarding and challenging aspect of our lives.

How will this membership work & what will I get?

  • We will be hosting it in Kajabi and you’ll get a login where you can access our collection of edu-tainment videos, worksheets, meditations and infographics whenever it is convenient for you!
  • We’ll also be hosting a monthly call where you can join us live and get some free coaching or write in your questions and watch the recording afterwards.
  • Each month we will have a theme and our first one is going to be “Sexual Myths.” When we launch, you’ll get all the Sexual Myths content ready and waiting for you PLUS we will be launching a second set of themed content sometime during the month of January. If you sign up now, you’ll actually get to weigh in on what that 2nd topic will be too! So you’ll actually be getting 2 months’ worth of mind-blowing, pleasure-filled, entertaining adult sex education for $1!
  • We will have “guest stars” in Good Kissers Club over time with different areas of expertise and they’ll help us address how race, culture, religion, sexual orientation & gender socialization all interact with our sexuality. So much of sexuality has been unconscious and we are going to help raise your consciousness level around it.

So, why are we doing this RIDICULOUS 98% discount?
Because we don’t want anyone to have an excuse not to try this program!!! And because we are confident we are going to blow your mind and you’ll want to stick around!

Why did we decided to create this program anyways?
Because most of the people that reach out to us can’t afford our 1-on-1 services, but still deserve high quality support. And those that CAN afford 1-on-1 services, would also greatly benefit from an educational component–this gives us a shared language in session and common background knowledge to allow progress to happen faster and sessions to be more robust and effective. There’s also a ton of people who have interest in the topic, but don’t want to talk to us 1-on-1 about the details of their intimate lives.

We also want to help shift the culture around sexuality and we can’t do that by only working with people 1-on-1. The world has a lot of shame, stigma and negative beliefs when it comes to sexuality and we want to get cracking on changing that ASAP.

Thanks for reading this far–and we can’t wait to see you in the Good Kissers Club in January! Just click the button below to join : )

Much Love,


P.S. Don’t hesitate to reply to this email if you have any questions we didn’t address here.