John Rutka, LPC

John identifies as a queer, sex-positive, gay therapist based in Chicago — specializing in sex therapy, relationship issues, and anxiety. John is kink and poly-friendly and works with all genders and orientations looking to explore sexual identity, accelerate confidence, build emotional intimacy, master communication, or folx just looking to have more thrills in the bedroom (or wherever you get your thrills!). John also provides a safe space for folx to explore intersectional identities (e.g., race, age, religion, socio-economic status, spirituality, gender, education, ability, etc.) that impact your sexuality and well-being.


After earning a Bachelor’s in Business, John completed a specialized certificate in Psychology at Northwestern University while working as an Academic Program Coordinator and a soccer Commissioner for the largest LGBTQ sports organization in the Midwest developing the first LGBTQ national soccer tournament. John started his pursuit for a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health while working for two mental health agencies and focused mostly on group counseling and individual therapy. John completed his Master’s from Roosevelt University and has continued developing professionally attending trainings such as Mental Health First Aid, and Gottman’s Level 1 Training. John has also watched seminars pertaining to Attachment Therapy, Internal Family systems (IFS), as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) aimed at mental health providers. John focuses on person-centered and mindfulness approaches, Buddhist philosophy, and attended a mindfulness meditation retreat in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

If you’re interested in working with John, we invite you to book a free 20-minute consultation.


How John Works:

John works to help individuals/partners identify the basics of how relationships are built. You may be looking to get more of your intimate needs met, or to bring underlying insecurities to the surface so that you can begin to gain a sense of understanding and effectively deal with them. John views therapy under the assumption that many personal, interpersonal, and intimacy issues will benefit from increasing your capacity for achieving greater balance and to help clients better understand their own core values. If you are looking to improve your communication, make boundaries within relationships, establish more clarity with your partner(s), John provides a natural empathetic and nonjudgmental environment in which he will serve to help revitalize the spark in your relationships!


John primarily works with others using a gentle yet direct, client-driven focus. Within the process, John adapts the Gottman’s method which helps clients understand the basic tenants of what keeps a relationship healthy, how to better understand your partner(s) needs and communication style, and how to manage perpetual conflict within relationships. John also focuses on mindfulness approaches that will help you get in touch with and live from your deepest values — helping you to create holistic, healthy, and well-balanced relationships!