01 What Turns You On?

Description of the episode

Let’s start with the basics – what turns YOU on? Not what society, culture or religion says should turn you on, but what makes you feel vibrant and alive?

In this episode, I approach this question from four different layers. I invite you to think about and debunk the social scripts around sex, redefine foreplay, and broaden the definition of sex beyond intercourse or penetrative sex.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:13 Why Is It Important?
  • 03:08 Start By Asking Yourself Questions
  • 04:04 Find Your Authentic Sexuality
  • 04:45 1st Layer: Feeling Yourself
  • 09:50 2nd Layer: Getting In The Mood
  • 13:35 3rd Layer: Foreplay
  • 17:40 4th Layer: The Deed
  • 19:35 Write Things Down
  • 20:25 Recap Of The 4 Layers
  • 20:40 Outro

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