023 Heather Coaches “Vanessa” And You Get To Listen To Their Session!

Description of the episode

In this week’s episode of Ask a Sex Therapist, Heather Shannon coaches a woman named Vanessa to help her evolve her emotions and sex life. Vanessa is learning to break free from her sex negativity and integrate the sexual and the emotional. But as she tries to do so, an inner voice of self-protection is preventing her from fully letting go. What is this mysterious inner voice trying to tell her, and how can she learn to listen? Find out in this week’s Ask a Sex Therapist, and brace yourself for a shocking realization!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:


  • 00.00 Intro
  • 03:11 Attachment Styles
  • 06:57 Integrating Emotions
  • 09:30 Internal Family Systems
  • 12:37 Befriending Parts
  • 13:12 Overcoming Fear of Letting Go During Sex
  • 16:02 Acknowledging Parts and Managing Overthinking
  • 19:52 The Benefits of Being in Tune with Your Body and Emotions
  • 23:47 Fear of Attachment and Identifying Sensations
  • 25:45 Battling Sensations
  • 26:25 Burning in the Throat
  • 28:05 Acknowledging All Parts
  • 29:54 Self Energy
  • 34:21 Factor in Other People
  • 38:01 Using Self Energy
  • 39:19 Understanding Parts and Practicing Gratitude
  • 39:41 Appreciating Vulnerable Parts
  • 40:06 Positive Self-Relationship
  • 40:25 Thanking Vanessa
  • 40:39 Holistic Coaching Program

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