024 The Horny Housewife on Going For It In Life , Dating Your Spouse and Keeping it Sexy in A Long-Term Relationship





Description of the episode

Join Heather and hilarious guest Jordyn Hakes for a truly unfiltered chat about about owning your sexuality and how mental health is the sexiest thing of all.


Jordyn is the host of the wildly successful podcast “The Horny Housewife,” which focuses on dating your spouse and locker room talk for couples.


In today’s episode, Jordyn shares her journey of becoming a podcaster and how the sudden loss of her mother spurred her to seize the day and go after what she really wanted to do with her life (get paid to talk!). She also opens up about her marriage, love of sex and passion for therapy and mental health.


If this episode doesn’t have you laughing while you’re learning, we’d be shocked!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 03:29 Starting a sex podcast after becoming a mom
  • 06:36 Intentional Relationships
  • 10:01 Effective Communication in Intimate Relationships
  • 13:15 Creating a Safe Space for Sexual Feedback
  • 16:29 Managing Nervous System Responses in Relationships
  • 20:01 Overcoming mismatched libidos in relationships
  • 23:12 Improving Intimacy in Relationships
  • 26:29 Managing Sexual Relationships in Marriage/li>
  • 29:54 Navigating therapy and sexual trauma
  • 32:55 Challenges of Finding a Therapist
  • 35:48 Prioritizing Mental Health in Relationships
  • 38:47 Sexual empowerment and coaching program promotion

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