025 Sex & The Single Life: Dating, Vulnerability & Freedom

Description of the episode

How much do you really need to have your shit together to date? Should you work on yourself first or just go out there and date exactly as you are? Listen in for Heather’s advice on how to handle insecurities while putting yourself out there in the dating world. Heather discusses the importance of authenticity, consent, communication and boundaries when it comes to new sexual relationships. Discover how being vulnerable can actually be a transformative (and fun!) growth experience. Heather shares her own experiences in the dating world when she tells people she’s a sex therapist and offers tips on healthy ways to approach sex & dating . . . including when to take a break.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:


  • 00.00 Intro
  • 03:32 Embracing Self-Acceptance for Personal Growth
  • 06:51 Challenges of Dating as a Therapist
  • 10:04 Mindset Shifts for Better Dating
  • 13:10 Importance of Authenticity and Communication in Early Dating
  • 16:34 Healthy Sexual Boundaries Resource
  • 19:41 Join Our Community for Free Coaching and Q&A

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