027 Listener Sex Questions: Differing Kink Levels, Vaginal Prolapse, Nipple Orgasms and Rimming!

Description of the episode

In this episode, Heather answers listener questions on kink differences, rimming, nipple play and sex with vaginal prolapse. She also addresses how our thoughts (not our partner and not our circumstances) create our turn-on and how our conditioning might make us feel like certain sexual activities are “good” or “bad,” when that is not actually the case. Plus, find out what “soft swapping” means and if you want to do it!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:


  • 00:02 Sexual Exploration and Comfort with Prolapsed Vagina
  • 03:17 Navigating Kinks in Relationships
  • 06:39 Exploring Non-Consent & Swinging
  • 10:13 Exploring Soft Swapping in Relationships
  • 13:42 Achieving a Nipple Orgasm
  • 17:22 Exploring Nipple Stimulation for Arousal
  • 20:30 Giveaway and Sexual Freedom
  • 23:41 Navigating Sexual Health Concerns
  • 27:01 Sexual Health and Vaginal Prolapse
  • 30:18 Encouraging Subscriptions and Promoting Coaching Program

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