028 BDSM, Play Parties & Queer Sexuality with Kesiena Boom

Description of the episode

Join host Heather Shannon and guest Kesiena Boom in an engaging and enlightening conversation as they explore the captivating world of queerness, kink, and fearless communication. Unravel the meaning of “femme” within the queer community as they provide insights for queer women on confidently approaching and asking out their crushes. Discover the allure of play parties, gain wisdom on direct communication, learn the art of hitting on someone without being creepy, and explore the depths of desire. Get ready for an adventure of self-discovery and empowerment!

In this episode, Heather and Kesiena delve into the dynamic realms of queerness, kink, and daring conversations. They decode the essence of “femme” within the queer community, offering guidance for queer women seeking to approach and ask out their love interests. Embracing the spirit of rebellion, they discuss play parties, direct communication, and the art of pursuing desire while maintaining respect. Join them as they share valuable insights for navigating intimate relationships and embracing your true desires.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:


  • 00.00 Navigating Queer Women's Desires
  • 03:28 Importance of Understanding Desires in Queer Women
  • 07:20 Exploring BDSM, Kink, and Queer Identities in "X
  • 11:26 Embracing Non-Traditional Relationships
  • 15:06 Discovering and identifying sexual desires
  • 18:32 Deconstructing Cultural Views on Sexuality
  • 22:23 Exploring Women's Same-Sex Sexuality
  • 26:00 BDSM Play Parties: Finding and Staying Safe
  • 29:48 Requirements for attending play parties
  • 33:20 Queer sex and power dynamics
  • 37:07 Navigating Desire As A Queer Woman r
  • 40:48 The Art of Asking Someone Out
  • 44:08 Boldly Pursuing Romantic Connections
  • 47:14 Aggressive flirting in relationships

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