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Stop Sex From Feeling Like A Chore Does This Sound Like You?

  • You and your partner have tried talking about your sex issues--you're just not getting anywhere.
  • You barely have sex anymore and if you do . . . it feels like something to cross off the To Do List.
  • You have an otherwise great relationship and friendship!
  • Your partner just doesn't approach you for sex ever.
  • You're feeling stuck and stagnant and you want a better relationship with your partner.

Hi, I'm Heather! And Here's How I Can Help

Heather is an IFS (Internal Family Systems) Therapist, which is a research-based model focused on “parts”–think Pixar’s Inside Out movie–and Self Energy, which is our higher consciousness! This modality helps clients get at unconscious beliefs and emotional wounds that are holding them back and to heal them at the root. This method can be incredibly powerful individually and also as part of coaching for relationship partners where you get to witness and understand your significant other’s “parts.” Heather also leans heavily into thought work, Buddhist philosophy, positive psychology and Law of Attraction, which all indicate that we create our realities with our thoughts.

For more about me, my training, and my approach, visit our about page.

We are a match made in heaven if…


You want to work with someone legit who is a licensed mental health professional and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist with 12+ years in private practice and proven results.


You are serious about committing to a process. You consider yourself “coachable” and you will do the homework.


You believe you have (or CAN have) something pretty special with your partner.


You’d like to work with someone who brings some laughter and levity to what can be a sensitive subject.


You’re intrigued by IFS (Internal Family Systems): a research-backed, psychospiritual approach that focuses on connecting Self (higher consciousness) and our “parts” or sub-personalities.

Ready To Make Intimacy Fun Again? Here’s How We Bring The Sizzle Back To Your Sex Life…

Give Your Relationship An Intimacy Infusion!

Ready to turbo charge your turn-on? Learn why your libido (or your partner’s) bottomed out and how we can fix it.

Find out what lifestyle, relationship and biological factors could be at play. And get the tools to confidently communicate and address them.

Creating chemistry doesn’t need to be a mystery anymore. Find out how you can do it in the next 90 days.


“Sex and relationships had never been the direct reason for me to seek therapy but I had gotten to a point in my life where I needed more clarity on the deeper emotional issues regarding it but also the tangible skills and tools to work with it in real life. Heather was able to provide both of these during our work together. IFS is truly the game changer the internet says it is and Heathers years of experience working directly with sex and sexual issues was apparent from the start. I feel like I have more sanity, clarity and control when it comes to all things sex related in my life right now.”

Peter Bruce

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