044: Healing Sexual Trauma Together

Description of the episode

Welcome to the Ask a Sex Therapist podcast, where we delve into the raw truth about pleasure, intimacy, and relationships, helping you change the way you look at sex. In this episode, titled “Healing Sexual Trauma Together,” we address a tough topic: sexual trauma. Our host discusses the spectrum of sexual trauma, from assault to more extreme cases, and emphasizes that trauma can affect anyone, regardless of gender. She explores how trauma is stored in the body and the impact it can have on one’s present life.

But this episode isn’t only for those who have experienced sexual trauma. Our host also brings attention to the role of partners and bystanders in creating a safe and respectful environment. She sheds light on signs to look out for, such as recoiling from touch or shutting down, while reminding listeners not to make assumptions. The goal is to foster a society where individuals can comfortably express their sexuality, have open conversations about consent, and appreciate each other’s beauty without objectification.

Join us as we navigate the journey of healing sexual trauma together and strive towards a future where pleasure, intimacy, and connection are experienced in a respectful and empowering way.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

Primary Topic: Sexual Trauma and Healing

– Definition and spectrum of sexual trauma

– Differentiating between big T trauma and little T trauma

– Understanding that trauma is stored in the body and can still impact the present

– Signs of sexual trauma in oneself or a partner

– Importance of not assuming someone’s experiences

– Creating a safe space for touch and intimacy

– The role of consent in healthy sexual experiences

– Appreciating someone’s sexuality without objectifying them

– Seeing individuals as whole people with their own unique identities outside of their sexuality

Primary Topic: Impact on Relationships and Society

– How sexual trauma can impact one’s sex life and relationships

– The need for everyone to be aware of the effects of sexual trauma

– The role of partners in supporting survivors

– Addressing inappropriate comments or actions in society

– Recognizing that some individuals may act out due to their own unresolved trauma

Primary Topic: Working Towards Change

– Creating a society where individuals can comfortably express their sexuality

– Building confidence in discussing consent and boundaries

– Appreciating beauty and attractiveness without objectification

– Understanding that sexuality is just one aspect of a person’s identity

– Promoting a holistic view of individuals and their diverse interests and values

Primary Topic: Practical Healing Strategies

– Recognizing signs of feeling unsafe or triggered

– Understanding different responses to trauma (fight, flight, freeze, fawn)

– Empowering survivors to reclaim their agency and sense of safety

– Cultivating a supportive community for healing sexual trauma

– Seeking professional help and resources for healing and recovery

Primary Topic: Encouraging Growth and Unity

– Expressing the belief in humanity’s capacity for growth and positive change

– Facilitating open conversations about sexuality and trauma

– Encouraging individual growth and personal development

– Fostering empathy and understanding in society

– Promoting a culture of consent and respect for boundaries

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