Healthy Sexual Boundaries

A list of simple suggestions for consideration. Examine your feelings towards your heart, your body, and your connection with the other person.

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10 Relationship Traps

Having worked with hundreds of clients throughout the years, Heather has discovered clear patterns in where relationships go wrong. Check out this report to see if you’re falling into any of the traps or steering clear!

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Mojo Magic

Mojo Magic

Did you know that the #1 reason people seek out sex therapy is for low libido and/or lack of sex in the relationship? Low libido is not a problem, per se, but clients often feel best when they are in touch with their sexual confidence and desire. Check out this guide for some practical tips on how to get your mojo back!

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Do you think dirty talk could be really hot, but you feel awkward or out of practice with it? Grab this fun and easy infographic to start spicing things up and engaging your minds when it comes to sex!

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Feeling Yourself

Do you feel your life energy is low? It’s time to prioritize yourself and give yourself the love and attention you deserve. Grab this fun and easy guide to start discovering how to tap into your sexual energy and feel that spark of life force!

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Kink Personas

Below are several types of roles you can take on in kink play and kinky sex. The black oval contains a theme for this type of role and beneath that are specific ways you can explore each role. There are infinite sexual energies to play with. This list is just a start! ALL roles should be taken on with prior consent from your partner, with safewords and with boundaries discussed ahead of time.

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