046: Body Count, Slut-Shaming & Good Girl Syndrome

Description of the episode

In this episode of Ask A Sex Therapist, host Heather Shannon explores the topics of body count, slut shaming, and good girl syndrome. Join Heather as she delves into the societal implications of the number of sexual partners, the judgments and stereotypes surrounding women’s sexual activity, and the importance of being present in your current partnership. Get ready to challenge the norms and embrace a healthier view of sex on this enlightening episode of Ask A Sex Therapist.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

– The fixation on the number of sexual partners and its meaning

– The importance of being present with the current partner and creating meaning in the relationship

– The significance of virginity and assumptions surrounding being someone’s first

– The meaning of past partners and the importance of realizing it does not define the current relationship

– The societal practice of slut shaming and its unfairness

– Challenging societal views of sex and relationships

– The importance of being aware of one’s own beliefs and not projecting them onto others

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