048: The Magic of Masturbation: More Presence, More Pleasure

Description of the episode

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Today we’re diving into a topic that may have some blushing, but is oh-so-important to discuss: masturbation. We will uncover the hidden benefits of solo sex and debunk the shame and stigma that often surrounds it. Also we will explore the messages we receive about self touch, the impact of societal and religious views, and the role of masturbation in enhancing both individual and partnered pleasure. But beware, we’ll also look into the dangers of overindulgence and the delicate balance between self-care and hustle culture.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Shame and stigma around sex tackled.
  • Body pleasure and gender norms contradiction.
  • Finding pleasure in life, its ripple effect.
  • Experimenting with sex can be interesting.
  • Sexuality and creativity are intertwined, with self-care through masturbation being one way to boost sexual energy and connect with a supportive partner for various reasons.

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