052: Better Boundaries with “Nookie”

Description of the episode

Ever wondered how setting up boundaries can enrich your relationships and add an extra layer of trust? 💭 This week on Ask a Sex Therapist, we chat to Nookie, a boundary pioneer who is adding fun and lightness to this heavy topic 💫. She’s got an infectious way of making the complicated approachable.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The six types of boundaries are identified and provide examples of each.
  • Importance of setting boundaries early on in relationships.
  • How healthy boundaries surprisingly create more freedom in relationships
  • How to avoid manipulation and gaslighting in your relationships so you can feel close and independent at the same time

[10:49] Work boundaries, intellectual limits, personal space violated.

[17:12] Setting boundaries: assertiveness, defining what you want.

[20:56] Dealing with manipulation and boundary setting challenges.

[23:10] Honesty in friendships is essential for trust.

[26:38] Compassion, boundaries, ethics, and self-reflection in relationships.

[30:50] Change yourself, accept change, or be annoyed.

[37:57] Choose words wisely, impact can be powerful.

[39:49] Establish boundaries early in dating relationships.

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