053: Listener Q & A: Sensuality, Husband’s Fantasies, and Foot Fetishes

Description of the episode

Request an “Ignite Your Intimacy” breakthrough session with Heather https://heathershannon.co/video-page/. You’ll get her top 3 recommendations to enhance your sex life and learn if her Intimacy Infusion program could help you feel closer and more connected.

In this episode, Heather Shannon tackles a variety of questions submitted by listeners. From ways to bring back sensation post-menopause to navigating guilt and shame in a relationship, Heather offers her expert advice and insights. Plus, find out the difference between kinks and fetishes and why feet have become a popular topic of interest!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

🔹 Tips for increasing sensation and blood flow in the clitoral region

❤️ How to navigate a partner’s fantasies and maintain intimacy

🌡️ The effects of guilt on a healthy sex life

💋 Understanding the difference between kinks and fetishes, with a spotlight on foot fetishes.

🌟 The importance of open communication and negotiation in relationships.

Listen now to discover expert insights, advice, and a whole lot of fun on the Ask A Sex Therapist podcast! 🎧💖

Time Stamps

[02:07] Ways to stay sexually vibrant as you age include red light therapy.

[04:33] Importance of sexual activity for blood flow to the genital region

[09:08] Husband’s Fantasies and Lack of Interest in Sex

[12:46] Questioning safety and commitment in relationships, especially marriage.

[15:59] How do cultural norms and societal attitudes shape our perceptions of different body parts, such as feet? Are certain parts of the body more taboo or fetishized than others?

[18:37] Do you think the concept of “taboo” in sexuality is evolving over time? What impact does mainstream acceptance of certain acts or preferences have on kinks and fetishes?

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