054: Curious Girl Diaries with Layla London

Description of the episode

Ever wondered what it’s like to flip the switch and explore your deepest desires? 💋 In Episode of “Ask A Sex Therapist”, we get up close and personal with Layla London, the woman behind the curiousgirldiaries.com. After years of putting her sexuality on the backburner to focus on other areas of life, Layla decided to fan the flames of her sexual sparks and embark on a sensual exploration. And boy, what a ride it’s been! 🎢 From trying out a sex bucket list to uncovering the true meaning of connection, she shares it all.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

💑 The importance of reflecting on the roles of masculinity and femininity in relationships 💑

💰🚫 The truth about dominance – it’s not all about the money, honey!

📝💖 The beauty of exploring your sexual bucket list to uncover unexpected desires

🗨️👂The necessity of boundaries, consent, and open communication in any romantic relationship

🥰 Layla’s take on why focusing on your partner’s happiness doesn’t equate to being submissive or subservient

Ready for an honesty-packed episode to shake up your views on intimacy, power, and personal growth? Get cozy and hit that play button. You’re in for a treat! 🎧🌟

Time Stamps:

06:25 Not prioritizing and neglecting important aspect of life leads to lack of results. Need to put time and effort into it like other areas of life.

11:05 Maintaining authenticity, honesty, and anonymity in explicit storytelling.

14:20 Feeling disconnected, unsure why, afraid of making others miserable.

21:51 Feminist issues can be exhausting, making enough decisions in the day is tiring.

27:48 Layla reflects on hrt experiences with various men and gains a new appreciation for them.

30:21 Many good guys want to find good women, but communication has become impersonal and confusing. Men adapt well though.

36:15 A roadmap helps steer the ship and stay focused, leading to unexpected discoveries.

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