057: Introduction to Kink

Description of the episode

🔥 Ready to unlock the hidden chambers of intimacy with your partner? Episode 057 of Ask A Sex Therapist turns up the heat as Heather spills the sultry secrets of dom/sub dynamics and how they can electrify your connection. Forget the taboo; it’s time to talk about the tantalizing world of kink with clarity and confidence. Whether you’re curious about cuffs or simply seeking to spice up your playtime, Heather serves up some steamy insights that’ll help you and your partner step into new realms of pleasure – safely and consensually. 🌶️

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The art of being a responsible dom, prioritizing your sub’s desires.
  • How kink can heighten mental engagement and address common sexual challenges.
  • The significance of aftercare and why it’s a non-negotiable in kink exploration.
  • Defining kink: A spectrum of activities beyond the vanilla, and how “normal” is being redefined.
  • Tips for dipping your toes into the world of BDSM and why education is your sexiest tool.


So, are you ready to explore a new dimension of your sex life? 🎧 Listen to this episode and let Heather guide you through it with expertise and enthusiasm!

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