059: Listener Q & A: Navigating Consent, Boundaries, and Intrusive Sexual Thoughts

Description of the episode

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🎙️ Ready to find out how to spice things up in your love life? In this listener Q and A episode, Heather Shannon tackles a variety of intriguing questions from her audience. From exploring non-conventional sexual fantasies to navigating boundaries in relationships, Heather provides valuable insights and advice for enhancing intimacy and understanding your own desires. Discover how to protect yourself from STIs when you don’t have a specific partner and gain confidence in approaching potential romantic interests. Join Heather as she offers candid, non-judgmental, and candid solutions to these real-life scenarios.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to navigate defining boundaries in a relationship and addressing uncomfortable situations.
  • Understanding the complexity of intrusive sexual thoughts and strategies for managing them.
  • Tips for opening up about sexual fantasies with your partner in a respectful and non-pressuring manner.
  • Practical advice on protecting yourself from sexually transmitted infections when not in a specific partnership.
  • Techniques for building confidence in approaching potential romantic interests in a respectful and mindful way.

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