064: The NeuroSpicy Episode with
Alice Lovegood

Description of the episode

Join us for a fearless convo with kink-positive and shame-free content creator Alice Lovegood! She’s here to chat about the saucy side of cartoons (i.e. Princess Jasmine from Aladdin!), spill the tea on being neurodiverse and navigating love, and why those “oops!” moments in the sheets can actually be kinda hot. 💅🛌 Slide into a judgment free zone with Alice and host Heather Shannon where body confidence and exploring desires take the spotlight.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Embracing the skin you’re in, whether it’s after a weight change or just owning your story 😌📖
  • Why a little bedroom awkwardness isn’t just normal—it’s actually important for growth 🌺🤭
  • Ditching shame like last season’s fashion and why getting kinky might be just the self-care you need 🥀➡️🌹
  • Finding the courage to let your freak flag fly, body confidence and all, with Alice’s no-filter chat 💬 🚩

Time Stamps:

[00:16:08] Alice gets real about body image post-weight loss

[00:16:59] Heather and Alice talk about why that number on a scale shouldn’t define you

[00:17:42] Alice on people’s surprise at her bold body confidence

[00:18:09] Body appreciation vs. societal standards chat

[00:19:10] A convo on loving your body against all odds

[00:20:11] Alice and Heather tackle the S-word… Shame!

[00:20:50] Unpacking unconventional kinks with zero shame

[00:22:14] Finding enjoyment in what turns you on

[00:23:11] Embracing the feels, the good, the bad, and the sexy

[00:24:04] How societal norms can stir up those inner emotions

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