EP. 71: Removing the Top 5 Sex Blockers

Description of the episode

In this week’s solo episode, Heather breaks down the top 5 reasons your sex life might be feeling stagnant. Once you know what these are, you can get past them and get back to the steamy stuff! 🔥 No more sexless marriage. No more sex feeling like a chore. And no more lesbian bed death. Let’s turn the heat back up in your bedroom (just metaphorically though because it’s best to sleep in cool temperatures LOL)!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • 🍆 How neglecting what worked in the beginning can cockblock you!
  • 🦺 The importance of creating emotional safety for open communication
  • 😋 Ways to actively nurture and prioritize your sex life
  • 🧠 Understanding your turn-ons and creating the right conditions for an intimate connection
  • 🫠 The impact of unresolved hurt and betrayal on your sex life

Time Stamps:

[00:02:21] Reason #1: Neglecting what worked in the beginning

[00:05:41] Reason #2: Not feeling emotionally safe

[00:08:50] Reason #3: Failing to nurture your sex life specifically

[00:12:53] Reason #4: Not getting the type of sex that really does it for you

[00:18:17] Reason #5: Impact of unresolved hurt and betrayal

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