02 The Real Reason You’re Not Talking About Sex! On?

The Real Reason Why You're Not Talking About Sex

Description of the episode

Why is it that even when it could potentially be a deal-breaker for your partner, you avoid talking about sex?

This week, I reveal why you find talking about sex so hard, how it affects yours and your partner’s sex life, and how you can bring those barriers down. I also share tips on discussing sex with your partner, dealing with the natural awkwardness of discussing it, and caring for yours and their vulnerability.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:


  • 00.00 Why talking about what we are into in bed makes us feel so vulnerable
  • 01.59 Why talking about your partner's performance feels like a hurtful thing to do
  • 03.39 How to create a healthy conversations about sex
  • 10.07 How to get in the right headspace for discussing sex
  • 11.56 How to avoid getting social conditioning into our sex conversations

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