030 Air Sex Championships and Improv for Flirting with Comedian Chris Trew

Air Sex Championships and Improv for Flirting with Comedian Chris Trew

Description of the episode

Heather’s guest this episode is Chris Trew. Chris is a comedian and improv coach living in New Orleans. He’s been featured at over 75 comedy festivals in North America and seen on MTV, America’s Got Talent, and GQ Magazine. He runs Comedy House New Orleans, Hell Yes Fest, and teaches improv comedy all over the world. Plus President Barack Obama follows him on Twitter, which Heather thinks is pretty cool!

In this episode, Heather and Chris talk about Air Sex–yes, you read that right! Chris was responsible for bringing the Air Sex Championships to the United States. In case you’re still like “Whaaaa?!”, the Air Sex Championships is a hilariously over-the-top competition that combines the concept of air guitar with pretend sex. Heather and Chris discuss the show and how it became an unexpected hit, while also delving into the incredible benefits of improv comedy for mental health, enhancing relationships and opening lines of communication.

What you’ll learn in this episode

  • How to flirt, approach people, and handle mistakes like a pro
  • How comedy can make you a brave emotional warrior & superior communicator
  • Why it’s so essential to get over your fear of rejection and how improv can help you do it.


  • 00:01 Interview with Comedian and Air Sex Champion Chris Trew
  • 03:28 Connecting on Social Media: Air Sex Championships & Vulnerability
  • 06:47 The Two Types of Air Sex Performances
  • 09:57 Origins and Evolution of Air Sex Championships
  • 13:11 Benefits of Improv for Social Skills and Mental Health
  • 16:23 The Overlooked Fun of Improv
  • 19:26“Yes And" Technique in Taboo Topics
  • 22:38 The importance of "Turning Towards" in Relationships and Improv and How Improv and Gottman Couples Counseling Research Have That in Common
  • 25:47 The Art of Flirting and Improv
  • 28:54 Improvisation for Improved Social Skills
  • 31:48 Overcoming Screen-Based Social Anxiety and Getting Over Fear of Rejection
  • 34:53 Benefits of Adopting Improv Mentality in Real Life–There Are No Mistakes!
  • 38:02 Improv Training Programs and Air Sex Championships

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