033 Listener Sex Questions: Unwanted Sexual Attention, Mid-Life Virginity and Sexual Avoidance

Description of the episode

Heather answers questions from both listeners and colleagues on how to handle sexual situations.

She also comments on the recent debacle with Keke Palmer and her boyfriend: Keke’s outfit at the Usher conference, her boyfriend’s comments and why they were out of line. The situation depicts not only patriarchal overtones, but also the madonna whore complex. Learn what the madonna whore complex is and why it’s important not to categorize or objectify women in this way.

Heather will also cover questions on crossing professional boundaries, what to do when you’re a nearly 40-year old virgin, and why virginity is actually a really loaded word that people can get an unnecessary complex about.

What you’ll learn in this episode

  • How to deal with someone making sexually inappropriate comments to you.
  • Why we develop crushes on our therapists, healers and personal trainers and when to say something
  • Some reasons you might still be a virgin into your late 30’s and beyond & how to approach becoming more sexual if that’s the case
  • How our nervous system response can play into sexual avoidance and the importance of taking pressure off sexual performance


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