040 Listener Q & A: Panty Fetish, Spicing it Up, Bi Or Gay & Penis Size

Description of the episode

Welcome to another exciting episode of Ask a Sex Therapist, the podcast that’s here to change the way you look at sex. I’m your host, Heather Shannon, and I am thrilled to dive into another Q&A session with all of you amazing listeners. Today, we have some intriguing questions to explore, covering topics like fetishes, self-discovery, and embracing our desires. But before we get started, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for the wonderful reviews and support we’ve been receiving. Your kind words and feedback mean the world to me. In fact, I’ll be reading out a review later in this episode that truly touched me. Plus, we’re only a few ratings away from hitting 100 on Apple Podcasts, so don’t forget to show your love by giving us a five-star rating. Now, let’s jump into these thought-provoking questions and discover the empowering insights they hold. Stay tuned!

What you’ll learn in this episode

  • Discussion of the importance of open conversations about sex and body exploration
  • Acknowledgment of the role of the podcast in promoting self-care and spirituality
  • Gratitude for listener reviews and a request for more ratings
  • Introduction to the listener Q&A segment
  • Addressing a question about a panty fetish in a male listener
  • Encouragement to explore and understand personal thoughts and feelings about the fetish
  • Suggesting positive and self-empowering interpretations and perspectives
  • Discussing the potential reasons behind the fetish and its connection to attraction and exploration of femininity
  • Highlighting the importance of being comfortable with oneself and being able to share the fetish with a partner in the future
  • Emphasizing that there is nothing wrong or abnormal about having a fetish
  • Recommendation of a book, "The Erotic Mind" by Jack Morin, for further exploration of eroticism and sexual desires

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