061 Keeping It Spicy with Sexting Skills

Description of the episode

Tune in to the latest episode of “Ask a Sex Therapist Podcast” where we’re getting down and dirty with a fun and spicy topic—sexting! Host Heather brings the raw truth and tackles the underrated world of sexting, exploring its potential to spice up long-distance relationships, try out new fantasies, and even dip your toes into non-monogamous experiences. With the rise of apps like Pure, the possibilities of virtual exploration are endless, but what does it all mean for our sexual wellbeing? 📱💋

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

🌈 How sexting can be a gateway to exploring non-monogamy virtually

🎭Ways to use sexting to try out new fantasies and kinks without the physical commitment

💑 The potential benefits of sexting in maintaining long-distance relationships

🔒 Tips for keeping the sexting fun and spicy while setting clear boundaries

🤔 The value of exploring sexual expression in a safe, low-stakes environment