062: Wild Nights with Dustin Rybka from Sex Party

Description of the episode

Get ready to unwrap the forbidden in this episode of ‘Ask A Sex Therapist’! 🎁🚫 Join host Heather and the unapologetically candid guest Dustin Rybka as they tackle the titillating topic of censorship and its bedfellows: sex negativity and social media blocking. From algorithms policing pleasure to the clubbing stories, Dustin spills the tea (and maybe some other things) about the wild ride that’s led him here. 😏 Tune in for tales that’ll make you laugh, cringe, and maybe learn a thing or two about sex positivity in this must-listen episode.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The consequences of a culture where sex negativity reigns supreme.⚖️
  • The escapades that come from life as a club promoter – all the uncensored details included! 🎉
  • A glimpse into the journey from acting to advocacy, how Dustin uses drama in his sex-positive mission. 🎭
  • The power and freedom found in podcasting that other platforms can’t seem to match. ✊
  • Dustin’s rules of engagement, party management, and how happy he is in his current relationship. ❤️🎙️

Time Stamps:

[01:52.00] Intro to Sex Party

[02:36.00] Dustin’s Acting Ambitions

[03:48.00] Dustin’s Transition to Hosting

[10:22.00] The Making of a Sex Podcaster

[15:04.00] Censorship and Podcasting Freedoms

[23:50.00] The Power of Hosting and Connecting

[29:34.00] Dustin’s Nightlife Sagas

[36:12.00] Relationships, Rules, and Realizations

[53:00.00] Finding Love in the Podcast Era

[58:31.00] Relationships, Rules, and Realizations

[50:49.000] Wrap-Up and Where to Find Dustin

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