065: Listener Q & A: Non-Existent Sex Lives, ED from Diabetes & Vanilla Partners

Description of the episode

In this episode, our host–Certified Sex Therapist Heather Shannon–tackles listener responses to the question “What Do You Wish Was Better About Your Sex Life?” We had both a college student and a 70-something say their sex-life was non-existent. See what Heather has to say could be going on in that case. Then we have a partner who is having a hard time not taking her boyfriend’s ED personally. Learn what really goes on with ED. We continue the ED thread with someone who hasn’t been able to have penetrative sex with her partner for 11 years due to diabetes–how can she adjust to still feel connected with her husband? And lastly, what do you do when your partner isn’t interested in your kinks?

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to stop blocking romantic possibilities and start inviting passion into your life.
  • Traditional and modern ways to meet new flames that can rekindle your fire. 🔥
  • How spending more time understanding your sexual style can help you work through sexual incompatibility
  • Dealing with medical conditions impacting intimacy, and the role of sex toys in keeping the flame alive. 🎲
  • How to navigate differences with your partner when it comes to kinks and fantasies

Time Stamps:

[00:05:00] Discussing Listener Submissions

[00:10:00] Exploring Non-Existent Sex Lives

[00:15:00] Breaking Down Barriers to Pleasure

[00:20:00] Traditional Matchmaking and Group Outings

[00:25:00] Tools for Communicating Sexual Preferences


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