066: Living That “Cougar” Life with Rachel Burch 

Description of the episode

Ever wondered how self-judgment and outdated stereotypes can throw a wrench in our love lives? Tune in to this fascinating episode with Rachel Burch, one of Heather’s besties, as we get real about cougaring, age differences, and what it takes to forge genuine connections at any stage of life. No “age is just a number” cliches—we promise—just raw, hilarious insights from two women who aren’t afraid to challenge norms. 🎙️💘🐾


Also check out Rachel’s award-winning podcast Love Before 100 where she chronicles her dating life as a 40-something divorced Mom. It’s like reality tv you can listen to on your commute!

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to navigate the dating world when interested in younger men.
  • Insights into attachment styles and their impact on your love life.
  • Rachel’s refreshing take on self-worth and attraction beyond age-related stigmas.
  • The exhilarating freedom of ‘Vacation Heather’ and what it could mean for your dating adventures.
  • Strategies for personal growth and allowing vulnerability into your love life.

Time Stamps:

[00:02:40] Rachel discusses her views on cougaring

[00:07:45] The surprising ways younger men have shown up in dating

[00:14:17] The public’s response to age gap dating

[00:17:00] Rachel’s lack of attachment to a future with Wes, a younger suitor

[00:23:12] Impact of first heartbreaks on future dating

[00:30:24] Rachel contemplates what new experiences to allow herself

[00:33:31] Three-date rule with ‘younger men’ experiments

[00:37:22] Working through defense mechanisms for genuine intimacy

[00:41:18] Rachel’s personal experience with self-judgment and attraction

[00:43:29] Higher love and the decision to stay open to finding love

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