EP. 69: How To Seduce Your Partner—Initiating Sex Like A Pro

Description of the episode

🔥 Get ready to learn all about the art of initiating sex in this episode of Ask a Sex Therapist with Heather Shannon! Heather discusses the importance of clear communication, the different approaches to initiating, and the nuances of understanding your partner’s desires. From playful seduction to setting the mood for intimacy, this episode is packed with tips and insights on how to get things going in the bedroom. If you’re looking to add some excitement and connection to your sex life, you won’t want to miss this candid discussion with Heather!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of clear communication when initiating sex
  • Different approaches to initiating and seducing your partner
  • Understanding your partner’s preferences for getting in the mood
  • Navigating the complexities of foreplay and arousal
  • Tips for fostering intimacy and connection through initiating sex

Time Stamps:

[00:54.00] Heather introduces the topic of initiating sex and previews upcoming guests

[03:25.00] Heather shares a personal cringe-worthy story about a unique approach to initiating sex

[08:08.00] Identifying the different types of approaches to initiating and understanding your partner’s preferences

[12:29.00] Overcoming the discomfort and challenges of initiating sex through open communication

[16:43.00] Exploring the nuances of foreplay, arousal, and navigating intimacy

[19:54.00] Heather discusses a free tool to help diagnose patterns in your sex life and offers a call to action for listeners

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