EP. 72: Surrogate Partner Therapy & Regulating Your Nervous System with Katherine Yeagel

Description of the episode

In the latest episode of Ask A Sex Therapist, Heather engages in a powerful conversation with guest and professional Surrogate Partner, Katherine Yeagel. Together they explore the nuanced and often misunderstood practice of Surrogate Partner Therapy. Katherine, a surrogate partner, somatic sex educator, and queer sex and relationship coach, shares her insightful perspective on the therapeutic journey, emphasizing the stepping stones of starting from a place of safety and gradually moving toward deeper connection. 


They highlight the importance of nervous system regulation, the impact of societal norms on personal relationships, and the need for authenticity in sexual encounters. Katherine’s personal transformation and professional insights shed light on the intricate relationship between self-discovery and healing within the context of surrogate partner therapy. This episode offers listeners a thought-provoking examination of intimate growth, client experiences, and deliberately pacing yourself in intimate relationships to build trust and establish healthy boundaries.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑What is Surrogate Partner Therapy?
  • 📑How does someone get started working in this field?
  • 🙋 What types of people make a good client for Surrogate Partner Therapy?
  • 🚷What are some myths about Surrogate Partner Therapy?
  • 🚦Creating and noticing safety and green lights in your body when it comes to intimacy

Time Stamps:

[03:41] Surrogate partners help clients practice relationship skills.

[10:06] Learning to provide whole authentic relationship with clients.

[13:14] Teamwork with therapists fulfills and enriches Katherine.

[20:31] Creating a green zone space for yourself.

[27:41] Surrogate partners navigate authenticity and attraction challenges.

[37:46] Reflecting on experiences, avoiding regrets after sex.

[42:00] Authentic expression leads to genuine confidence.

[44:44] Deconstructing traditional views on sex and sexuality.

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