016 Healing Through Seduction with Perle Noire

Description of the episode

Join Heather and her first ever guest, THE Black Burlesque Queen – Perle Noire, for a high vibe discussion on purpose, healing, sexiness, therapy, embodiment and intuition. Perle’s path to her current success and alignment is NOT a boring one and you’ll definitely want to listen in to learn from her Wild Wisdom and Passionate Purpose. The ladies discuss how to relate to your emotions in a healthy way, falling in love with yourself and not holding yourself back anymore.


The best place to learn more about Perle is through her Instagram. You’ll be able to see her workshops in action, hear from her and her students and get a sense for how she can help and inspire you! And Heather will even be making a guest appearance on Perle’s IG live soon! Visit her profile at instagram.com/theperlenoire.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:


  • 00.00 Intro
  • 0:23 Perle Noire's Background
  • 1:12 How Me and Pearl Met
  • 1:46 The Origin Story of @blackpearlburlesque
  • 2:42 She taught herself how to dance
  • 3:00 Moving out and living in a Motel
  • 4:14 "I found myself tricked into prostitution"
  • 4:58 This is what the pimp said to Perle

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