04 Are You Attracted Anymore?

Description of the episode

Do you see your partner as a good co-parent, a long time friend, a roommate, or anything but an attractive, sexual being?

This week, I talk about what happens when the spark starts fading within a relationship. I invite you to rethink how attraction is built, to avoid falling into that kind of rut that says attraction is only physical, and explore new ways of feeling attracted and connected with your significant other.

Losing interest in your partner sexually or feeling disconnected from them is expected in long-term relationships. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be prevented before it happens or reversed when it does.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:


  • 1:40 Is It Preventable?
  • 3:15Sexual Connection
  • 4:45 Factors for Losing Physical Attraction
  • 5:55 How To Create that Sexy Spark
  • 6:05 Step 1 - Feel Sexy For Yourself
  • 7:07 Step 2 - Try
  • 8:02 Step 3 - Creating Chemistry
  • 9:58 Breaking Taboos
  • 11:00 Power Dynamics
  • 11:24 Overcoming Ambivalences

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